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Call Tracking & -Evaluation

The last analog frontier in B2B sales is the sales call itself. SALES MARSHAL evaluates the spoken content in prospecting phone calls, and automatically recommends a conversion-based sales script, to optimize sales conversions.

Self Learning & Guidance

Based on generated data of all calls of the entire sales team, SALES MARSHAL automatically learns which statements and scenarios are more likely to deliver the desired outcome and guides the seller through the sales pitch. SALES MARSHAL recommends what question to ask at the right moment in a sales calls, how to sidestep-, to overcome- or to pre-empt an upcoming objection.

Big Data & Content KPIs

SALES MARSHAL builds call content based KPIs, to visualize the performance of all individual sellers within the team. Our unique sales methodology and phone-script-structure will enable the seller to deliver a fluid and responsive sales pitch, which is optimized based on closing on the agreed objective.

Focus on Quality and call content related data

Seller Profile
Seller Overview & Profile
Content based KPIs
Content based KPIs
Raw Data
Raw Pitch Data

Features and Benefits using Sales Marshal

  • Conversion Tracking

    Measure offline conversions for every part of your sales pitch. Call opening, need assessment, value statements and benefit presentation.

  • Team Data Evaluation

    Evaluate content related data of all calls made by your sales team and get insights where and why objections occur.

  • Distribute Best Practice Instantly

    Distribute best practice and closing techniques across your team. Keep expertise within your team, even when a good seller leaves.

  • Quicker Onboarding

    Ramp up newly hired salespeople and speed up onboarding. Get new staff to start selling sooner.

  • Create SLAs For Your Sales Team

    Create service level agreements and introduce clean selling. Pre-define value statements and benefits and avoid over-selling or over-promising by your seller.

  • Train More Efficiently

    Train according to the occurred challenges of individual seller. Avoid to treat symptoms, rather address the real issues according to the stated KPIs

Explainer Video Increase Sales Opportunities
Explainer Video Staff Retention & Development
Explainer Video Conversion Based Scripting

Next Generation Telesales Strategies and Training

In addition to Sales Marshal, we are also your number 1 resource for performance increase and sales optimization. Our specialties are the analytics and enhancement of sales units, especially in the field of telesales and proactive approach to prospects in a B2B environment. Next, to the assessment of your status quo, we lay our focus on the optimization of your sales processes. We look at the sales pitch and the most pressing challenges for your seller.
Our dedication towards the optimization and enhancement through sales training and individual coaching leads to new positive habits and a steady revenue increase. Through mentoring, leadership training and train-the-trainer sessions, we will lift your sales floor on to the next level and transform it into a powerhouse for sales success!
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Team of Founders

Ákos Doleschall

Ákos Doleschall
Operating Marshal

Róbert Ignácz

Róbert Ignácz
Development Marshal

Zoltán Keszthelyi

Zoltán Keszthelyi
Technology Marshal

Sascha Kronberg

Sascha Kronberg
Managing Marshal

Ákos Doleschall, Operating Marshal

An analytical operations executive and data analyst with numerous years of experience in sales & marketing operations, data visualization & CRM product implementation. Ákos held various positions in companies with international operations, most recently contracted for Opel as a regional CRM Manager. Ákos is not only a quick thinker, but he also has quick feet which came handy during his decade long ballroom dancing career.

Róbert Ignácz, Development Marshal

Full stack developer with extensive experience of various unique technologies from native mobile app development to security coding and web based 3D modelling. He has been part of multiple development team in his professional life as a programmer and/or a leader. He loves to build things from scratch, learning the newest technologies, and also like the finest beers.

Zoltán Keszthelyi, Technology Marshal

Development and research lab leader, developer, cloud architect, ethical hacker, PCI-DSS and cyber defense expert with passionate to design, build and test applications for security. He designed and built applications and online services for NATO, ITU (UN), Opel, MasterCard, Hungarian Telekom and many more from the healthcare through financial and banking sector to the national and military sector. He believes in the privacy and security by design principles. Zoltán loves to play squash if his three children give him some freetime.

Sascha Kronberg, Managing Marshal

A skilled executive with extensive expertise in establishment and management of large sales teams and organizations. He previously held positions at New York City-based company YEXT, ReachLocal Europe and various telesales driven companies like IQPC & Marcus Evans. Sascha's profound experience and salesmanship are trained at BMW and Siemens. Next, to Sales Marshal, Sascha advises established companies and assesses their sales processes. He is giving sales- and leadership training and coaches Sales Managers and Executives. Sascha likes to travel and enjoys listening to music and audio books.
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