Apply and become a beta tester!

what comes next?

We are running beta tests with selected businesses, which participate in a case study. As we want to test our software under different circumstances, we are happy to accept applications from companies who use telesales in a B2B environment.

We need a little bit of information and will contact you with a short evaluation form, to get to know your business.

Participation will boost your sales performance and is free of charge.

We are looking forward hearing from you!

How it works:

Conceptional Setup

Step 1

We are setting up a communication library for your team. We take in account prospect categories and pre-conditions as well as personal preferences from individual salespeople on the phone.


Step 2

We are fine-tuning and implementing all your sales scripts and communication options into your dedicated database in the cloud. We set up your team structure and create accounts for every salesperson and manager.


Step 3

We train your salespeople how to use conversion based scripting and to make use of our methodology of an interactive, and responsive sales pitch. A detailed onboarding boosts sales performances and revenue.